Outdoor Knowledge

Always there’s a doubt that, how can I become an outdoor specialist? Well, it need to take time to accumulate experience slowly. Although the outdoor specialist cannot be quick, but you can learn some outdoor knowledge day by day, year by year, let’s take a look, you know from the time being.

1. Don’t clench your fists while hiking/hunting

This small action will involuntarily make the whole body muscles in a semi-tensed state, which will make us fatigue more easily and consume physical strength. Your hands should be bent naturally, and even if you are holding trekking poles, you should not use excessive force.

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2. Toothpaste can be used as medicine

We are always bitten by mosquitoes or heatstroke and dizziness when we are outdoors. What should we do if there is no corresponding medicine at this time? Don’t ignore the role of toothpaste at this time. Because toothpaste contains certain anti-inflammatory ingredients, when we don’t have medicine, applying toothpaste on the affected area can temporarily replace the medicine.

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3. Most people can’t persist

Many people were full of enthusiasm when they first started contacting the outdoors, but very few people can persist in the end. The classic two-eight law, 80% of people give up, 20% of people stick to it, and outdoor circles are no exception. So when you feel any physical discomfort outdoors, you can boldly choose to give up. It is not shameful to give up. Life safety always comes first.

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4. Water is more important than food

Most people carry more food when they go out, but you may not know that if you are in danger outdoors, water is far more important than food. Without food, people can live for more than ten days. Without water, people can only live. Three days! So when you are outdoors, try to prepare yourself as much water as possible. It doesn’t matter if you have less food. At this time, a convenient large-capacity water bag is particularly important, and it can save your life when it is critical. 

5. The vast majority of injuries occur when going down the mountain

After a long and laborious hike up the mountain, you have come down. At this point, your physical strength has been consumed a lot, and your spirit is the most lax, but injury is most likely to happen at this stage. Such as knee and toe injuries, such as accidentally stepping on the air or slipping. Therefore, you must pay more attention to protect yourself when going down the mountain.

Post time: Apr-27-2022