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Industry News

  • Containers are in short supply now

    Containers are in short supply now

    Today is 11th.May 2022, oversea containers are still in short supply. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the containers sent abroad by China can not be transported back in time, and there is great pressure on containers in China. Containers in outer space cause port congestion. The short...
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  • Hunting Knowledge in Worldwide Countries

    Hunting Knowledge in Worldwide Countries

    Hunting trip is a favorable sport in European, Africa, Canada and USA etc. countries, european hunting culture is: the deer hunter is the king, the boar hunter is the hero, and the straight man must not collect rabbits. Each country has its own unique set rules, but everyone abides by three ba...
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  • Outdoor Knowledge

    Outdoor Knowledge

    Always there’s a doubt that, how can I become an outdoor specialist? Well, it need to take time to accumulate experience slowly. Although the outdoor specialist cannot be quick, but you can learn some outdoor knowledge day by day, year by year, let’s take a look, you know from the time being. 1. ...
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  • COVID impacts raw materials

    COVID impacts raw materials

    COVID impacts raw materials Recently, the domestic epidemic has occurred frequently, and the global static management in Shanghai and Jiangsu have lasted for half a month. The production and operation of enterprises have been paid special attention by the market. We are located in the north of C...
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  • Oxford cloth coating type knowledge

    Oxford cloth coating type knowledge

    What is coated oxford cloth? Oxford cloth is coated with a layer of materials with special functions by special technology, so that the cloth adds special functions. Therefore, it is also called functional coated oxford cloth. The common types of coated oxford cloth for ...
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  • Nuremberg fair in Germany

    Nuremberg fair in Germany

    The 2022 Nuremberg outdoor and hunting products exhibition IWA is held by Nuremberg Exhibition Co., Ltd. the holding cycle is: once a year. This exhibition was held on March 3, 2022. The exhibition venue is 90471 Nuremberg Convention and Exhibition Center, Germany. The exhibition area is expected...
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  • Oxford Fabric Variety

    Oxford Fabric Variety

    There are many kinds construction/density/weight for oxford fabric variety, e.g.105D, 210D, 300D, 420D, 600D, 900D, 1200D, 1680D, now we would talk several popular used oxford fabrics. 1680D oxford cloth is the most firm and durable oxford cloth mentioned. 1680D oxford cloth is double strand oxfo...
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  • How to choose a qualified gun bag?

    How to choose a qualified gun bag?

    When you hunt or shoot in the forest or hunting grounds or somewhere, the quality of the gun bag can be said to be very important. To make your hunt or shoot activities more perfect, the gun bag must be able to provide enough protection and functions. So, when purchasing a gun bag, below 4 points...
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  • Outdoor Helper – Backpack

    Outdoor Helper – Backpack

    Outdoor activities are a group of sport events with adventure of experiences adventure held in a natural environment, including hunting, shooting, fishing, archery, sniping, tactics, mountaineering, hiking etc. interesting projects, most of the outdoor items are chanllenging and expeditionary wit...
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  • Fishers’ Good Assistant -Fishing Chair

    Fishers’ Good Assistant -Fishing Chair

    Nowadays, fishing is becoming more and more favorable. It is a very popular leisure and entertainment activity in daily life. It is not only closer to nature, but also can cultivate and exercise one’s endurance. For a fanatical fishing lover, fish may be what they want mostly, but fishing f...
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