How to choose fishing rod bag in Autumn Season

Starting from practicality, usability and durability are the key points.

If you don't fish frequently, just grab a fishing rod and add a pole holder once in a while. There's no need to sell a pole bag specifically. If you enjoy fishing and can also fish frequently, especially if you enjoy wild fishing, preparing a pole bag can still play a significant role.

The rod bag can not only hold fishing rods and rod racks, but also include float tubes, wire boxes, and some small accessories. When fishing, it can be carried behind your back.

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1. Let's take a look at the length and size of the pole bag first

How long you buy a fishing rod depends on how long you use it. If you mainly use throwing rods or stream rods for fishing, choosing a short rod bag is the most practical, but it must be thick enough to fit the wheels carried by the throwing rod; When fishing with a long rod, you need to choose a long rod bag. Generally, the length of the rod bag is 1.2 meters, which is also the length of most fishing rods after contraction. However, if the rod and bag are the same length, it is not convenient to pick them up. You can choose a 1.25 meter rod bag.

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2. Selection of types

Simply put, the material selection is only for pole bags. Now, in terms of material, pole bags can be divided into three categories: Oxford cloth, leather, and PC material.

The Oxford cloth material pole bag is cheap, with the advantages of wear resistance, anti slip, and no marks left after branches, stones, etc., making it very durable; The disadvantage is that it can become heavy after being soaked in water, and it is not resistant to dirt and often needs to be cleaned.

The leather bag looks very upscale, resistant to dirt and easy to clean. If the surface is dirty, just wipe it with a damp cloth a few times; The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to scratching. When dragging it on the ground during wild fishing, it will cause a scratch on the gravel, and it is prone to peeling when often exposed to the sun. Additionally, the price is not cheap.

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The pole bag made of PC material is made of hard plastic. The advantages are good waterproofing and dirt resistance; The disadvantage is that the outer shell is very hard and the contents are limited, making it difficult to stuff other things when it is full. It is also heavy and not pressure resistant, and if the zipper is broken, it is basically useless.

3. Selection of other accessories

In my experience, the most easily damaged pole bag is the zipper, and the zipper on the pole bag is not very easy to find. Generally, there is no suitable style for pole bags when changing the zipper, and you need to specifically find a purchasing merchant or a few fishing gear stores to buy them. For PC material pole bag zippers that are damaged, they are basically useless. Therefore, when buying pole bags, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the zipper.

The compartment inside the fishing rod bag is made of ordinary fabric and can be easily damaged. We should not use force to poke the fishing rod when placing it.

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Wish every fishing people can enjoy every fishing day!

Post time: Oct-25-2023