Fishing hard bag workshop

Fishing rod bags includes hard ABS PC PU quality and soft oxford fabric shell, today we share the fishing hard rod case workshop introduction.

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Each worker works carefully for each fishing rod bag’s each sewing line, straight, flat and solid sewing from the outside to inside. PC plastic, ABS plastic, PU plastic, PVC plastic, etc. are commonly used for hard shell fishing rod bags, the hard fishing rod bag, can bear 100KG people standing on the up side, it’s durable to be used for 2-3 years.

The hard shell mostly we commonly used for fishing rod bag is ABS plastic, we have many sizes molding available for choices, from 0.8 meter to 2.10 meter depends on different customers’ requirements, please find the available patterns, length/width/thickness many sizes for choices.

The advantages of fishing bags: fashionable and modern colors, hard and stylish, no need to worry about deformation or breakage.

The disadvantages: compared to soft bags, hard bags are heavier and have fewer styles.

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Every fishing hard bag hard shell is made from the below machine with high temperature pressure working, then the outside had ABS or PU or PC shell would be finished successfully.

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Then need to cut the edges on corners by cutting machine, after cutted, the shell would be OK to be sewed, below two photos, left is with edges, and the other is cutted rod shell.

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After sewed well with strap and lining, then QC people will do QC checking for inside and outside whether there’s quality issue, if some places with problems, soon repair.

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Each hard fishing rod bag with PE polybag and 5-layer carton to be packed, then load for 20 foot or 40GP or 40HQ containers to be shipped to Tianjin Xingang Port of China, this is the near port near our city.

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Welcome enquiry or contact for fishing hard rod bags, then we would send you our latest catalogue with different sizes/styles for your choices.

Thank you for all old customers’ support.

Post time: Nov-06-2023