Differences for Shoulder’s bag and Mountaining backpack

Ordinary bags are our daily necessities, while mountaineering bags are mainly keen on going out activities, such as mountaineering, outdoor play, etc. Because of their different uses, they are very different, mainly in the following points:


1.Materials used

Mountaineering bags generally need to consider environmental factors, such as some complex areas such as mountains and forests. Therefore, the materials used for mountaineering bags need high-strength waterproof and wear-resistant nylon materials with waterproof coating, and it is best to use seamless waterproof zippers and high-strength engineering mouth fasteners. But ordinary bags are much simpler. They mainly use simple and light fabrics.

2.Knapsack system

The backpack system of mountaineering bag is the top priority of luggage. It is necessary to focus on whether it conforms to the design of human mechanics and perspiration and heat dissipation function, and whether it is equipped with a backpack frame. In addition, the backpack belt, abdominal belt, etc. need to consider the design of wide and thick models. The waist also needs to be equipped with a waist pad to increase the sense of discomfort. The ordinary package is simpler. Although the system is considered to be carried, it is not paid so much attention.

3. Appearance design.

 The backpack has more functions than placing items. Backpacks generally follow the current fashion trend and add popular elements. Compared with practicality, ordinary backpacks have more collocation.

Mountaineering bags are the opposite. Mountaineering bags are used in outdoor environment, so the functionality of mountaineering bags is very important. The appearance design is also simple, omitting some fancy and impractical design elements, and providing users with the best backpack experience as far as possible. The difference between backpacks and mountaineering bags is also the color. The color of mountaineering bags is generally dazzling, which can make mountaineers die in the wild, Easy to be found by rescue personnel.

Compared with ordinary bags, mountaineering bags are more rigorous. After all, mountaineering bags need to challenge the ups and downs during the journey. Therefore, they attach great importance to water resistance, wear resistance and comfort.


Post time: Jun-18-2022