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Outdoor activities are a group of sport events with adventure of experiences adventure held in a natural environment, including hunting, shooting, fishing, archery, sniping, tactics, mountaineering, hiking etc. interesting projects, most of the outdoor items are chanllenging and expeditionary with much enthusiasm and excitement, which embrace the nature and challenges. During the trip, everyone can enjoy themselves and got nutrition from nature. So, this is how to get a wonderful backpack in the changing outdoor environment has become an issue. The emergence of backpacks make this problem a pefect solution.

* Hunting Backpack
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Hunting activities mostly happened in the wild places, roads are rugged, transportation is not convenient, so a wonderful hunting backpack for all hunters is necessary.
From fabric construction/density/weight/PVC coated/TPU laminated etc.details we would see the different quality, usually hunting backpack mostly with anit-cut, scratch resistant, waterproof ( usually 3 levels, for 3000mm/1000gr/m2, 5000mm/3000gr/m2 and 8000mm/5000gr/m2), with large capacity and wisdom design to enlarge the filling space, used for different bad environment and special conditions.

*Foldable Fishing Stool/Backpack
Fishing is an favorable outdoor activity, and foldable fishing stoll/backpack is the most popular bag. When open, you can see it’s a stool, you can sit it down to fish, also the backpack can contain fish feed, fishing hook, notebooks, pens, caps, clothings tools and daily necessaries, it’s a multi-function fishing chair that can bear 100KGS maximum.
Tube quality mostly steel 14-25mm and aluminium 19-25mm, tube tickness1.2mm.

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*Tactics Backpack
Whole backpack design looks lightweight and compact. Shoulder strap has suspended breathable backpack system that can lessen the pressure for shoulder and backs. Inside of shoulder strap mostly is mesh fabric that can increase ventililation. Usually on the sides, there’s two pockets that can contain water bag, notebooks or something else conveniently. Front side, usually there’s many bartacks that can hang accesories handily. Bottom, there’s eyelets, so that it can ventilate for bag products, also with waist belt to be more comfortable.

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Below are our produced styles, welcome contact if interested.

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Post time: Oct-21-2021