Hunting Knowledge in Worldwide Countries

Hunting trip is a favorable sport in European, Africa, Canada and USA etc. countries, european hunting culture is: the deer hunter is the king, the boar hunter is the hero, and the straight man must not collect rabbits.
Each country has its own unique set rules, but everyone abides by three basic principles: first, to prevent mutual accidental injury between hunters, second, to prevent self injury by hunters, and third, to prevent injury from prey. All countries attach great importance to this.
Today, the traditional way of killing red foxes with hounds is basically prohibited in Britain, but the use of shotguns to harvest red foxes is still allowed. The British royal family is the most loyal supporter of the hunting movement.
You know, if a hunter with a hunting license is found drunk driving in Germany, the police can revoke his gun and hunting license according to the fact of drunk driving. In their opinion, people who drink and drive do not deserve to own guns, let alone participate in hunting.
There are a large number of wild moose and reindeer populations in Sweden, and the government’s control over the indicators is not strict, but it is only required to record in time after the hunting is completed. The management of the governments of Nordic countries is indeed more Buddhist, but fortunately, the quality of residents is also high, they get along very harmoniously, but there are also individual non-standard behaviors. Therefore, the Swedish government stipulates that all hunting must be carried out in private territory, and all hunting activities are prohibited in public territory.
As a hunter, being familiar with the legal and cultural environment of the hunting place is a very important step, so that you can have the opportunity to participate in safe hunting in more countries and regions, and share your happiness and harvest with your family and friends.

Post time: May-07-2022