How to choose a qualified gun bag?

When you hunt or shoot in the forest or hunting grounds or somewhere, the quality of the gun bag can be said to be very important. To make your hunt or shoot activities more perfect, the gun bag must be able to provide enough protection and functions. So, when purchasing a gun bag, below 4 points kindly pay attention to checking:
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Durable and strong shell
Normal used gun bag oxford in 100% polyester composition with PVC coated, it’s cut resistant, i.e.a scissors or a knife or sharp hard things shave gun bag face fabric, like below photo, without clear scratching, it’s with anti-cutting and anti-friction, which can lengthen gun bag’s using life.
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Fabric whether water resistant
Usually when hunt in the outdoor places, ocassationally met the bad weathers, e.g.rain or snow, so, when the gun bag fabric is waterproof on the bag face as following photo, water droplets can run on the bag, this function can avoid the bag from soaking.
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Gun’s Different Padding
In market, there’s different gun bag padding quality, e.g.EPE, EVA, Sponge, Plastic Plate and Egg Foam usually, for each quality, there’s different thickness, e.g. 0.6cm EPE, 0.8cm EPE, 1cmEPE…, 0.2cm Sponge, 1cm Sponge, 1.8cm Sponge…, 6cm egg foam, 8cm egg foam…, sometimes padding could be mixed together to reach some special hard or solid effect, the padding with different cost it’s up to different price levels needed, in theory, better and thicker padding with more protection for guns.
Blow is 6cm Egg Foam.
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Sewing technique
When materials all arrived, next is cutting and sewing, sewing is the most important for bag’s solidness, sewing threads’s distance/tightness/quality all we need to adjust well with sewing machines, only did that well, after sewed, we could see the nice flat even sewing on each gun bag, also some easy tearing position with cross stitching is a better choice.
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When everyone found own favorate gun bags, that’s really a wonderful thing to enjoy life!

Post time: Oct-21-2021