Gun Bag Three Quality and Price Levels

In our factory, there’s usually 3 price levels for gun bags, pls find below:

1.low price for promotional use or gifts with a gun together to be sold.

*Price—Usually these bags unit price is between FOB USD2.50-USD5.00/pc.

*Padding inside and outside—Inside thinner padding, simple outside design and color combination, just sewed a gun bag to be used, this is the function idea.


2.Middle price for practical use, economical choice with better design and more good pressure padding for guns protection.

*Price—Usually between FOB USD6.00-USD15.00/pc.

*Nicer look —Colors combination would be more nicer, more specialized in adding some pockets outside, gun end with hard plastic decoration to protect for guns, add soft plastic labels, add piping to be more beautiful, nice colors for zippers, nice color shell blending… etc. details, we can see the good-looking gun bag before our eyes.

*Thicker padding—In this price level, we used more thicker sponge, EVA, EPE, 6-8cm thickness egg foam, usually more than 1cm thickness padding, and mostly 2cm to 6cm egg foam, with more protection to guns.


3.Higher price for luxury sharing life, with ideal design and very good pressure padding for guns protection, every detail need to be perfect to reach to consumers’ ideas.

*Price—Usually more than FOB USD16.00/pc

*Ideal look —perfect design to have the gun bag at hands to enjoy life, every detail needs to be equally ideal, from the fabric/lining/padding, every kind of material need to be in more density quality with WR or TEFLON or DUPONT fabrics or more Denier need, e.g.900D, 1200D…, more quality zippers e.g.YKK, SBS, THC…, more quality accessories, e.g. more quality nylon webbing, more better quality buckle in brass instead of plastic, nylon string instead of polyester, etc., every detail is studied and paid more attention.

*Shell and coating— some customers chose leather quality as main fabric, some customers chose Dupont fabric as shell, some customers chose 900D oxford instead of normal 600D, some customers chose PU instead of PVC, so every detail needs cost rising.

*Padding—In this price level, padding need more density quality to enhance the hard effect and enough thicker to resist the daily abrasion.


Post time: Apr-20-2022