COVID impacts raw materials

COVID impacts raw materials

Recently, the domestic epidemic has occurred frequently, and the global static management in Shanghai and Jiangsu have lasted for half a month. The production and operation of enterprises have been paid special attention by the market.


We are located in the north of China, Hebei Province Shijiazhuang City, near Capital Beijing – by car 3 hours, our factory’s needed fabrics, linings, accessories mostly come from the south of China, e.g. Shanghai, Jiangsu etc. southern areas, so nowadays, every process is not quicker as before, e.g. raw materials production time, transport time, everything is slower than previous normal life.


All communities in Shanghai and Jiangsu are sealed and controlled, for daily vegetables and food, they need to be controlled in some time to buy outside, most students chose to have classes at home, and many parents need to accompany children instead of work, now COVID gave people’s life not conveniently.

So, in view of the above situation, If customers need stocks in Sep. 2022 –that can receive stocks in warehouse, we suggest in Apr. to do pre-ordering, so that we earlier source raw materials, so that NOT delay delivery owing for lack of materials, we can control cutting/sewing/packing, but do nothing for fabric/linings/padding production.


In the interview, one reporter found that some manufacturing enterprises have been “trapped” at both ends of production and sales due to the difficulty of entering raw materials and transporting their sales products out of the factory in time, which has even affected the upstream and downstream of the industry chain. Both ends are affected.

With our sincere wish, we hope the COVID would pass away from our life as soon as possibly, since Jan.2020 occurred, two years passed, each year it influenced our work to some extent, we pray that it would recover to our normal peaceful life, thank you.

Post time: Apr-21-2022