Containers are in short supply now

Today is 11th.May 2022, oversea containers are still in short supply.

The main reason for this phenomenon is that the containers sent abroad by China can not be transported back in time, and there is great pressure on containers in China. Containers in outer space cause port congestion. The shortage of containers has triggered a rise in freight prices. The transport capacity of main routes is insufficient in stages. This is the current situation faced by foreign trade enterprises.


This situation has also led to the rising price of containers and the poor circulation of empty containers. The cost of containers has been rising again and again. The main reasons for the rising freight rates are as follows:

1. Under the influence of the epidemic, the volume of import and export containers is seriously unbalanced.

2. The efficiency of foreign ports is low, and a large number of empty containers cannot be recovered.

3. The transportation capacity is fully put in, and the port congestion is serious.

4. It is difficult to expand the capacity of new containers in the short term, and the cost of new containers is rising.

5. The collection and distribution system needs to be further unblocked.

6. The ship capital is high.


The complex current situation of foreign trade can not be ignored. In view of this situation, “the Ministry of Commerce, together with the Ministry of transport and other relevant departments, is taking policies and measures to increase shipping capacity, stabilize market freight rates and make every effort to smooth international logistics. At the same time, in view of other common problems and outstanding difficulties faced by enterprises, improve trade policies” to ensure the stability of foreign trade enterprises.

For foreign trade enterprises, this is a common problem. Relevant state departments have taken positive actions and made joint efforts to overcome this difficulty. Foreign trade enterprises should not worry too much. Actively cooperate with the policies of relevant departments. In the face of difficulties, we work together to find a way to solve the problem.


Post time: May-11-2022