Bags’ Zipper Quality

For every bag, the zipper quality is very important, the long zipper used lifetime is related with bag’s lifetime, now, let’s together see below knowledge for the zipper.

Zippers are made of resin, nylon and metal. In terms of quality, metal is better. But for durability, the resin is actually more durable. Because the resin is not afraid of water. If the metal zipper is stained with water in the washing frame, it is particularly easy to rust, resulting in damage.

In view of above, most bags’ zippers we used resin quality, more durable and wear-resistant to be used in the daily life, please see clear resin zipper quality, also nylon, metal quality for checking.


Resin Zipper

Nylon Zipper

Metal Zipper

Top ten zipper brands in the world: YKK fasning, YCC, xunxing SBS, Weixing SAB, Fuxing 3F, Sanli triperpower, Kaiyi Kee, huashengda HSD, Chima CMZ, and hehe.

Usually our bag zipper quality we used domestic quality, e.g. SBS, SAB etc.domestic quality, quality is wear resistant and also cost is more competitive on whole point to consider.

According to the size, it can be divided into 3#, 4#, 5#, 7# 8# 10#...... and etc. the mouth height of the 3# metal puller is 2.1-2.2mm and the mouth width is 4.55-4.65; 5. The mouth height of the metal puller is 2.7-2.8mm, and the mouth width is 6.0-6.05.

The size of the zipper changes according to the size of the teeth. Because it is often used in jeans, coats and backpacks etc. bags, its zipper size is large. The colors of metal pullers include bronze, red bronze, white plating, yellow plating, black nickel, black-and-white nickel, and matte silver. Generally, the color of metal pullers is required to be the same as that of metal zippers.

Our bag zipper quality and bag lifetime both we can guarantee 2-3 years, welcome worldwide customers’ sourcing.


Post time: Jun-07-2022